Thermowelded membrane

The thermowelded membrane, composed of modified bitumen with SBS polymers and a non-woven polyester reinforcement, is thermally welded to create a durable, waterproof barrier against water and moisture.

Liquid membrane

The liquid membrane is an asphalt-based elastomeric coating, used for waterproofing in commercial settings, including deep slabs, buried roofs, raft foundations on clean slabs, Berlin walls, and complete tanking. Designed to withstand shotcrete applications, this membrane is characterized by its versatility and cold spray application, creating a durable, seamless layer. It adapts to a wide range of surfaces and stands out for its excellent expansion and contraction capacity, making it particularly effective against various climatic conditions. Furthermore, the strength of this membrane can be enhanced by adding a geotextile fabric.

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HIZO positions itself as a leader in the sectors of building envelope, foundation waterproofing and fireproofing, serving a diverse clientele in commercial, institutional, multi-dwelling, and residential areas.

Leveraging our advanced technical expertise, unwavering commitment to quality, and dynamic approach to innovation, our goal is to revolutionize the standards of the building envelope and insulation industry. With our three strategically located branches (Laval, South Shore of Montreal and Ottawa), we can provide comprehensive support to our clients across a broad geographic area. Our extensive network ensures optimal accessibility and responsiveness for all your projects.

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HIZO, founded by four partners each with over 20 years of experience in the insulation sector, benefits from the expertise of a robust and seasoned team. This team comprises representatives, estimators, project managers, and site personnel, all working collaboratively to provide exceptional service that exemplifies our commitment to our clients’ complete satisfaction. We are dedicated to completing your projects with precision, speed, and professionalism that distinctly stand out in our field.