Urethane can be used as the sole insulator in a construction structure or can be integrated into a hybrid assembly with other types of insulation. Urethane is versatile, acting as both an air barrier and a vapor barrier. This product stands out from other insulating materials because it is manufactured on-site by combining two components: resin and polymer isocyanate.

Self-adhesive membrane

A self-adhesive air and vapor barrier membrane, made from modified bitumen with SBS polymers and a trilaminar polyethylene fabric, is intended for use on walls. This polyethylene fabric is compatible with the use of sprayed polyurethane foam insulation. Its self-adhesive face is protected by a detachable silicone paper or film. This membrane can also serve as an intramural membrane, masonry flashing, transition membrane, and waterproofing around openings.

Liquid membrane

The liquid membrane, a monolithic solution often composed of water and synthetic rubber, serves as an air and vapor barrier. This versatile product is suitable for a variety of surfaces used in construction, including masonry, concrete, wood, and gypsum.

Thermowelded membrane

The thermowelded membrane, composed of modified bitumen with SBS polymers and a non-woven polyester reinforcement, is thermally welded to create a durable, waterproof barrier against water and moisture.

Semi-rigid panels

Semi-rigid rock wool panels, available in single and double density, are ideal for exterior hollow walls and rain screens. They are characterized by their non-combustibility, not generating toxic smoke or promoting the spread of flames, even under direct fire. Compliant with NFPA 285 standards, they are essential in fire-resistant exterior wall systems as continuous insulation. These panels ensure superior energy efficiency, with consistent thermal performance and improved acoustic comfort. Moisture-resistant, they maintain their insulating performance over time.

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