For a new home

Soundproofing a new home is fairly straightforward. In recent construction, soundproofing material is inserted inside a membrane before the gypsum is applied. The covering is then applied over this insulating material, completing the process.

For existing construction

Soundproofing an existing home is feasible, but installation requires a more elaborate approach. To install soundproofing, certain conditions must be met. The ceiling must be at least 5 ½ inches thick, and the cavity must be free of insulating wool or any other type of insulation. Because of these constraints, it is not possible to carry out injections in the walls of an already-built residence.

In this case, cellulose or other suitable material is inserted into the ceilings via holes approximately 3″ in diameter. The installer fills these spaces, then continues by drilling holes in the ceiling at 16-inch intervals until the room is completely soundproofed. Once the soundproofing is in place, the gypsum disks are replaced and the ceiling replastered.